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Meet our Drivers

P. Morgan - #1503
N. Barnett - #1007
P. Richardson - #1102
U. Ponder - #1205
J. Whitaker - #141
G. Newman - #092
T. Jones - #1413
B. Deal - #081
D. Moody - #061


Ride Safe Every day!
Ride Safe Every day!

School Bus Information

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Basic Safety Expectations

Below are a few basic expectations to insure the safety of your child while riding

the bus for this school term . We greatly appreciate your cooperation

in helping us to make this a safe year.


1. Be at your bus stop 5 minutes before your scheduled stop. Wait 15 feet from the edge of the road and do not cross the road until you get a signal from your driver.

2. Get on the bus, go directly to your assigned seat and stay seated

3. Keep your hands and book bags in your lap.

4. No radios or tape/CD/DVD players without headphones, toys, balloons, balls, bats, sharp objects or live animals are not permitted on the bus.

5. No eating, drinking or chewing gum. 

6. Use low voices.  The driver needs to listen for other students or emergency vehicles.

7. Be respectful of the driver and other students.

8. Get off bus and go straight to your house.

9. Untied shoe laces, baggy clothing, draw strings can pose a safety hazard to children entering/exiting the bus. Please wear clothing that will not catch on handrails, steps or cause a child to fall.

10. Written permission from parent, signed by the principal, is required for a child to ride a bus to which he/she is not assigned. The note should show the child's name, address of destination and date.