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Charlene Robbins, Registrar
912-842-8320 phone

 How to Register for school
Registration must be done at the attendance area school.  Families will complete a Family Registration Form and a Student Registration Form for each child in the family.

Our goal is to reduce the amount of paperwork that a family has to complete for school enrollment.  Please help us by calling to make an appointment with your oldest child’s school for paperwork completion.

Students are assigned to a school by their custodial parent/legal guardian’s residence address.  All students must be enrolled by a custodial parent or legal guardian.  No exceptions will be made.

  1. Parents/guardians registering the student(s) must establish their identity by producing a valid driver’s license or a picture id.  Legal parental/guardianship is established by providing one (1) of the documents listed below:
    • Birth certificate – must show name of parent(s)
    • Custody documents
    • Magistrate court documents indicating guardianship
    • Power-of-attorney documents (military or civilian)
    • Letter of placement from DFACS
  2. Residency is established by providing two (2) items from the specified list below:
    • Current month utility bill or document verifying utility services established for the primary residence.
    • Current phone or water bill
    • Current lease agreement or home purchase agreement
    • Previous year or most recent tax return
    • Current year Department of Family Children Services documents
    • Current weekly or monthly paycheck stub.
  3. You must also bring a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate, social security card, and certificate of immunization record (Form 3231), and EED (eye, ear and dental – if coming from another state).  This will be needed when completing the registration process at the school.

School Transfer Requests

Parents/guardians of students may request a transfer under the following situations:

  1. Students who are the children of full-time employees of a specific school may attend that school and follow the feeder school pattern as long as that parent is a full-time employee in that feeder pattern.
  2. Parent/guardian who changes residency during the school term and wishes for the students to complete the year at the current school.
  3. Students requiring academic services which are not available in the designated area school.
  4. Medical conditions that create hardship.

Parents/guardians may apply for transfer through the Bulloch County Board of Education Transportation Department, located at 219 Simons Road.  For more information, call (912) 212-8640.